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Die Bedeutung eines Seelenverwandten laut der griechischen Mythologie

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There are countless theories about soulmates – some think that a soul mate is the only romantic partner on the planet, others believe that we have many soul mates on our journey, and in many cases they are not romantic. The Greeks had a mythological explanation of how we separated from the other half of our soul …

The whole story takes into account homosexual AND heterosexual love:

In the beginning there were three parents: sun, moon and earth. Everyone produced a progeny, round and otherwise like themselves. The man was produced by the sun; from the earth the woman and from the moon, the hermaphrodite. Each of these three was a double, a head with two faces facing in opposite directions, four arms and legs, and two groups of genitals. They moved on Earth with much more freedom and power than humans, rolling hand in hand and foot by foot at double the speed.

One day, these fast, powerful, but foolish creatures decided to climb Mt. Olympus to attack the gods.

What should the gods do to show the foolish people the error of their ways? Should they shoot her down with lightning? No, they decided it was too boring. They had already done that to the giants. Besides, who would offer libations and sacrifice if they destroyed their worshipers? They had to come up with a new punishment.

Zeus considered and considered. Finally he had a brainstorm. People were not a real threat, but they needed a head wash, they thought. Their arrogance would be checked if they lost their speed, strength and self-confidence. Zeus decided that if they were halved, they would be only half as fast and half as strong. Better yet, it was a reusable plan. If they get up again, he’ll repeat the operation, leaving them with only one leg and one arm.

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After revealing his plan to his fellow Olympians, he asked Apollo to join him in implementing it. The King of the Gods cut the man-man, woman-woman and man-woman creatures in half and Apollo made the necessary repairs. The face that went out before turned Apollo inside. Then he gathered his whole skin together (like a purse) with an opening in the middle as a reminder of the humanity of his former condition.

After the operation, the mongrels rushed around frantically, searching for their other halves, searching for them, hugging them and trying to reunite. As the creatures were unable to join, they despaired and started starving in their she-told-her-grandmother-that-she-just-was-cheated. Recognizing his reverence, Zeus decided that something had to be done to recharge the spirits of the creatures. Therefore, he instructed Apollo to provide a means to rejoin temporarily. Apollo did this by turning his genitals to the ventral side of the body.

Previously, humanity had been thrown to the ground by seeds. This new system created an interesting new means of generating offspring.

The creatures, who had been two women before, naturally looked for women; those who were hermaphroditical were looking for members of the opposite sex; those who had previously been a male doubles sought the company of men, and not simply for intercourse, but so they could become whole again by reuniting with their soulmates.

Another interpretation might be what has been mentioned in many ancient texts and symbols, such as the alchemical process, the yin yang and shiva / shakti, which is the process of perfection, realizing both your masculine and feminine attributes. That is, you become whole by realizing that everything is within you, and you can not really meet your soulmate until you have fully understood your wholeness.

There is also the concept of a twin flame in comparison to a soul mate: a twin flame is the only person on the planet of which you are a twin. The best visual representation of this is the Yin Yang, since twin flames have opposite properties of each other – such as one that has physically dark features, while the other is light, but both exist in one another. Or one is introverted while the other is extroverted. But while they have these opposing factors, they can only produce parts of each other that would otherwise remain dormant. For the core twins, that would be the same being, purposes, and core values.

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